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by admin on August 25, 2011

Question by Mindy joy: is there another appetite suppressant like phentermine? does it work better or what?
I took phen and it worked very well for me, I was just wondering has anyone taken anything similar and how did it work for you? thanks!

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Answer by Madame_Rubyat
Diet drugs are just not a good idea. They cause side effects and mess with your system. Peppermint tea or therapeutic grade peppermint oil are very good appetite suppressants and won’t mess you up in the long run. Drinking lots of water helps a lot too, since often the body confuses the signals for thirst and hunger. I’ve also found that Black Cohosh can control hormonal eating. Just stop taking it during your period and resume after it’s done.

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#2 Phentirmene - Consumers' Choice of 2010

Phentirmene is a non-prescription drug that contains 11 powerful ingredients. Phentirmene was rated as the second best appetite suppressant mainly due to one thing, price. Although the price is a little more expensive than other diet pills it still is a very good price for what it contains.

Consumer and professional reviews came in great for this product. Very few people said this product did not work for them. Along with the great reviews Phentirmene has a 100% lifetime guarantee. This product is not only a great appetite suppressant but also a great fat burner. If you need to flatten your stomach then this is a good product for you.

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#3 Lipovox - Most Sold Appetite Suppressant

Lipovox was the most sold appetite suppressant of 2010. Along with being the top selling appetite suppressant Lipovox scored high in appetite suppression, consumer feedback, and professional reviews. The price of Lipovox is another great component of this product.

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Markisen Robinson August 25, 2011 at 4:28 am

how about hoodia gordonii i was using in the past ! it helps me a lot!
read here the women who loss 25 pounds with hoodia gordonii


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